Pride Month Color Celebration!

Let’s take a moment to celebrate Pride this June with Colorful Lips!

We’ve been talking a lot about inclusiveness this month. I wanted to take a moment or two to make sure that I celebrate the LGBT+ Community by adding more color flavor this June. I will be featuring a few makeup artists and makeup enthusiast that are loved for their talents. Stay tuned for the next Pride Celebration post to see them.

To kick it off, here’s a few of my favorite lipsticks in full PRIDE!

2 thoughts on “Pride Month Color Celebration!

    1. Nympho is actually one of my all time favorite lipsticks from a small growing brand. It’s a soft lime green shade. I haven’t seen another true lime green lipstick out like it. Explorer is actually only featured online or at Walmart. It was released as an exclusive to Walmart ❤️


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