Milani’s Cosmetics Review Salt n Pepa Collection

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Ahhh Push it! Push it real good!

Some may not be as familiar with this 80’s and 90’s all female group but I’m sure you have you’ve heard their songs. I’m positive at some point you’ve heard “PUSH IT REAL GOOD” on top of a groovy base beat somewhere. Salt n Pepa‘s legendary tunes continue to live on. They’ve teamed up with Milani Cosmetics to take us on a trip down memory lane while keeping giving us modern glam at the same time.

(L) Cheryl James aka Salt (R) Sandra Denton aka Pepa

Milani Cosmetics gave us classic 90’s vibes releasing two palettes and two lippie combos with lipsticks and lip liners. The shades that were included are all colors that we can use on the regular. The packaging time travels taking us back to their revolutionary time of being a female forward rap group. I saw the “Very Necessary” palette in Ulta Beauty and had to have it.

Where can you find Milano Cosmetics?

This collection is available online and at Ulta Beauty. Each palette retails for $19.99 and each lip kit for $11.99. Need a little inspiration for a look? Check out my mini tutorial on Instagram below!

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