The Side Chick Box June Review

Are we NOT tired of these wonky Subscription Boxes?

I used to be really into Subscription Boxes but they started getting very repetitive. So many of the boxes had mini size products that you couldn’t get a full use from. I can’t count how many of them have poorly made products that gave super cheap dollar store vibes or didn’t last. After seeing the same brand features all the time, it started making me feel like I was being robbed. THIS ONE still has my full attention.

The Side Chick Box is everything EXCEPT boring!

Ok be calm! I am no ones actual Side Chick or Mistress. This box doesn’t promote cheating spouses contrary to the name. It promotes a kinkii fun way to spice things up for couples and dating life. It’s an adult sub box that I introduced you guys to before, here on the blog. I seriously think this sub box just keeps getting better and better!

The June 2020 Side Chick Boxx theme was Pampered Princess. Boy did they nail the concept! It came with all little something from every category of relaxation. Here’s what came in this months box:

  • Bath Lust Dust- Pineapple Scented Sparkle Powder to add to your bath water.
  • Silky Booty Body Butter 4oz- Black Vanilla Raspberry whipped Body Butter.
  • Aromatherapy Charm Bracelet- Alloy bracelet to add your favorite essential oil to. Ball included
  • Wireless Bluetooth Sleeping Mask- Rechargeable sleep mask with speakers for your favorite tunes.
  • Skin Test Nano Sprayer- Rechargeable Handheld skin tester that shows you where you need more moisture. Includes a small mister spout and reseviour. Can be used on the entire body.
  • Self Love Pen Point Vibrator- Rechargeable multi-speed pen vibrator with interchangeable sleeves designed to target pleasure points.
  • Sexii Cheeky Pajamas- Light weight button up onesie that comes in standard and plus sizes. (Above)

The Skin Test Nano Sprayer

I loved everything in this boxx! Of course you know I live for the skincare items. The body butter and the nano sprayer…YAAASSSSSS Girl! The body butter smells like fruity pebbles and feels so smooth on my skin. The Bluetooth sleep mask…girlfriend I think everybody could use one of those from time to time. The self love lady tickler, I’ll let you find out about on your own. *wink lol

All of the gadgets come with a charging cord which was a plus because some companies make you fin for yourself, only supplying the device. This box is $70 and worth every penny if you ask me. There are also other options available on including Side Chick Mini and the One Night Stand Boxes. I have a discount code for you to save a few coins at checkout “HERAN”

*Disclaimer: I was gifted this subscription box to try. All opinions are my own. I was not paid to feature these items but I am an affiliate to this brand. Since this is an ADULT subscription box I’ve tried to be as informational as possible without being too detailed. My blog is open to all ages of makeup and skincare lovers. I am an avid supporter when it comes to self love and care and that is why I chose to feature the Pampered Princess Boxx. Please refer to for more details about the products and devices mentioned in this post.

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