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Here is a skincare combo that those with eczema, dry skin and hyper-pigmentation should know about and consider. Lots of beauty lovers have heard of skincare essences but don’t know about the benefits. I’ll be explaining the benefits of using these particular products and touching on the antibacterial properties associated with them. The best part is that these Everyday Essence Organics products are natural and don’t contain harsh chemicals.

I have been using the Skin Therapy Platinum Cream two to three times a week for the last 4 to 6 weeks consistently. Prior to that, I had been having breakouts at least once a month for various reasons. They’d surface after touching my face a lot, switching makeup products, living in the city, diet, hormonal changes etc. No matter how much I cleaned my face or with what, I’d still have a pesky breakout.

After trying the Shilajit Anti-Aging Vitamin Mist I knew that this had to be the reason that I hadn’t been having breakouts like before, currently. I would have the minimum being a bump or pimple here and there but no massive gathering in any one are that I had to concentrate on. I think the best way to use these products is directly after cleansing like I have since late October. I like wearing it overnight so that it soaks into my skin. I’d occasionally spray my pillow as well with this essence.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver helps disinfect the skin. It is also said to help with Rosacea, Diabetes and several other skin related conditions. This cream left my skin feeling very smooth in the morning with the tied ingredient of Shilajit in it with a combination of 85 ionic vitamins and minerals together. I had success using the Skin Therapy Platinum Cream resulting in less patchiness and dryness on my eyelids and brows.


I have actually written about Shilajit before. It’s quite often associated with another name, Fulvic Acid. It’s a type of tar that can be found in different mountains and is a natural antioxidant. This is also found floating around in these two products along with other vitamins to help restore your skin to it’s best.

*Disclamer: The photos were taken at two different times. The lighting looks different in the two pictures above but have not been altered in any way. You can see where the hyper-pigmentation began to break up more around the jawline in the second photo. The skin closer to the chin and mouth areas are definitely less patchy.

I give the combination two thumbs up because of the results. I do see how effective they are especially together. I do see some reversal of the hyper-pigmentation that I have and how they help amplify your natural glow. I think they do help the overall health of your skin. The best part is that they don’t have the stinky chemical smell and aren’t harsh at all.

I encourage anyone that prefers natural skincare and has dry skin/eczema to try these products out. It could also be a great natural alternative for diabetics that cannot use traditional lotions sold in store but please consult with your doctors about the ingredients before giving it a try to be sure. You can find both of these products on Everyday Essence Oraganic’s website along with more information regarding their benefits.

You can visit the website by clicking the GREEN links in the paragraphs or visit them on Instagram: @everydayessenceorganics

If you have never heard of this New York based salon please go check out ECRU New York.  They have some awesome Holiday Gift Sets available now called the Simply Glamorous Holiday Sets. They are perfect high quality product bundles for that special friend or family member that was #BornInTheSalon!

I recently received both Holiday Gift sets and loved them. The Simply Glamorous Beauty Essentials Set comes with the Red Velvet Lipstick and Runway Lash Mascara. While the Simply Glamorous Hair Essentials Set comes with one full size Volumizing Silk Mist and Silk Nectar Serum. Both sets come a pretty mesh black beauty bag.

Simply Glamorous Holiday Hair Essentials

The two I like most are the Runway Lash Mascara ant the Silk Nectar Serum. I used both the Lipstick and Mascara in my recent Holiday Makeup Tutorial on YouTube. Beyond the beauty and hair products this Salon offers Hair Classes designed for those wanting to learn cutting, styling and texture. Be sure to peek in at their line of hair tools and check their Fashion Week Highlights to see their creative catwalk looks on the runway.

Simply Glamorous Holiday Beauty Essentials

ECRU New York offers several colors in this lipstick. All four products have a very silky smooth texture. Even the mascara was impressive because it didn’t dry rock hard like most mascara’s leaving them stiff. The Silk Nectar Serum seemed to smooth out my naturally curly, frizzy hair and helped protect against heat damage. I applied a small amount before and after flat ironing it and it remained same sort of soft for about three days.

If you click on the links on this page each one will direct you to ECRU NY and the YouTube Videos related to their brand, products and services. You can also find these products on both our Instagram pages. Simply hit the Instagram button in the left panel and look for the pictures above. Direct links below as well.

*These products were sponsored by ECRU New York but all thoughts are my own.

I have been reading review after review and watching YouTube reviews and some are not pleased with this collection from Too Faced Cosmetics.  As some know, I am a huge fan of Too Faced’s products but I feel obligated to give fair reviews.   The Diamond Light Collection isn’t for everyone.  Why? Here are the Pro’s & Con’s.

Let’s talk about the Pretty Rich Palette!


  • The pressed glitter formula requires no glitter adhesive.
  • New formula’s that require effortless blending.
  • Selected colors provided are geared toward Glam Wear.
  • Can get a multi-dimensional eyeshadow look.


  • Limited range when it comes to transition shades.
  • Doesn’t blend as well on top of concealer as they do with the Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow primer.

The matte shades in this palette provide a very soft but glamourous feel. Despite other peoples opinion saying that TF needs more pigment, I think they are exactly how they should be. The colors are geared to be soft and “Just Pretty.”  My favorite shade from this Pretty Rich palette is this beautiful blue shimmer shade called Set the Jewel Tone on the bottom row. My favorite glitter shade is to the right of it, a beautiful multi-colored reflecting silver called Diamond Life.

I was unable to snatch one of the Diamond Light highlighters but I was able to get one gloss, The Rich & Dazzling Gloss in Pretty Penny.  It’s a gorgeous bronzed-copper shade with micro fine glitter in it as well.  I got my items at Ulta Beauty if you want to see it in person before you make a purchase.  You can always get these from

For the Pink look above I used a hot pink shade from the Gingerbread palette to kick this look up a notch.  I am wearing the Just Peachy Matte foundation in Honey and the Liquid Latex Gloss in Hot Mess.  Please check out the right panel for a link to discounts and specials.