Pushing Beauty Boundaries with Brights & Neons

I had a lot of fun creating these neon looks. I really had to step outside of myself to pull them off. Of course, I love traditional and elevated glam but there’s something about Neon Makeup that is electrifying. Over the passed two years I’ve seen makeup go more retro. Brands began to produce non traditional colors like never before. *Products in picture: Pinky Rose … Continue reading Pushing Beauty Boundaries with Brights & Neons

Colourpop Misunderstood Review

Disney and ColourPop teamed up to bring the makeup world the Disney Villains Collection. I was able to pick up the Misunderstood Palette at Ulta Beauty here in Houston. It is one of the most beautiful palettes that I’ve seen come from the ColourPop camp. It’s a beautiful mix of shimmers from light to dark with a few basic matte shades to ensure that you … Continue reading Colourpop Misunderstood Review

Favorite Setting Powders

What makes a great setting powder? Of course, all of this is my personal opinion and preference from personal experiences but lets get into it. One of the most important things I look for is how finely milled a setting powder is. The finer the powder, the easier it will melt into your foundation and concealer. I look for how long it takes for me … Continue reading Favorite Setting Powders