Current Favorite Products for a great Cut-Crease

My supporters on Facebook always ask, “What’s the secret to getting a great cut crease?” The ultimate answer is lots of PRACTICE and great performing TOOLS! You need a technique that allows you to customize the cut crease to the shape of your eyes, a brush that you find easy to work with and a concealer/base that performs well with most pigments. In all honesty, … Continue reading Current Favorite Products for a great Cut-Crease

Current Favorite Affordable Primers

Since I have combination skin with occasional dry patchiness, I tend to lean toward the smoother, pore filling types of primers. My skin is also sensitive to different chemicals and ingredients found in foundations. I haven’t quite figured out which ones yet but every time I didn’t use a primer in the past or forgot to put one on, I’d have a breakout. I highly … Continue reading Current Favorite Affordable Primers

ECRU New York’s Holiday Gift Sets

If you have never heard of this New York based salon please go check out ECRU New York.  They have some awesome Holiday Gift Sets available now called the Simply Glamorous Holiday Sets. They are perfect high quality product bundles for that special friend or family member that was #BornInTheSalon! I recently received both Holiday Gift sets and loved them. The Simply Glamorous Beauty Essentials Set comes … Continue reading ECRU New York’s Holiday Gift Sets

Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

Thanks to Neutrogena, I got a chance to try one of the newest editions to their skincare line, the Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment.  It almost looks like one of those light pen’s that mechanics keep in their shirt pocket. I was instantly intrigued by the description stating that it is designed for pop up pimples being that I get them at least once a month. … Continue reading Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

Tarte Shaper Sponge Talk…

I recently got an opportunity to try this Shaper sponge by Tarte Cosmetics.  I was given quite a few by a family member and loved them. It really eliminates the purpose of having different sizes and types for makeup application. You can literally do an entire makeup application with this one sponge.  What i love most is that you’ll still have room to hold it … Continue reading Tarte Shaper Sponge Talk…