Dear Wine Lovers, Try the Mumba!

Let’s talk about another pleasure in life beyond beauty for a few minutes, shall we? Wine! I love wine especially on late afternoons while trying to relax after a long day.  My favorites are the bubbly kinds like D’Asti’s and fizzy reds.  Occasionally, a bubbly, fruity sangria is a great wind down for me. The issue is that I would feel forced to finish the … Continue reading Dear Wine Lovers, Try the Mumba!

That time we won Marc Jacobs Beauty Prizes…

I still haven’t gotten over the fact that I won seven Highliners as a  prize from Marc Jacobs Beauty via Facebook. This is a brand that I have followed since I was a teen. I have purchased many fragrances and bags from the sister Marc Jacobs fashion line. To top it off, a friend of mine won lipsticks as well shortly after that. I was … Continue reading That time we won Marc Jacobs Beauty Prizes…

#MeTime is Important!

So how do you get your relax on? It is so good to just kick your feet up and relieve all the stress of the day.  For me,  I have to unwind with candles and a bubble bath.  A great body soak and deep pore cleaning for my face usually does the trick. Yardley London‘s English Lavender is one of most relaxing scented bar cleansers … Continue reading #MeTime is Important!

Marc Jacobs Shameless Review

I received a free full size sample of the newest foundation release from Marc Jacobs Beauty, Shameless in the shade Tan Y440.  I was not expecting it to be as good as it is because I did not care for MJ’s previous foundation release, Re(Marc)able Full Cover.  After reading about it, I started to understand why the finish of the foundation feels so soft to touch.  … Continue reading Marc Jacobs Shameless Review


You would think that with the increase of hair vendors over the last 3 years that it would be easier to find an honest quality, customer care oriented hair company, right? We all know how easy it is these days to get jipped out of our money by hair companies that promise us quality hair and over sell a product that just doesn’t stand up!  … Continue reading Shop!