Smashing Pumpkin’s: Halloween Makeup

What would Fall and Halloween be without Pumpkins?  These are some of the craziest representations of Jack o’ Lanterns I’ve seen.  The variety is astonishing and the talents behind them are jaw dropping.  These artists serve spooky carved out realness like no other. Artist: Lindsey Belger,  Special Fx and Makeup Artist\ IG: @mmfacepainter –  FB: Lindsey Belger   Artist: Eden Reid, Makeup Enthusiast IG:  @thequeenofthegarden  –  … Continue reading Smashing Pumpkin’s: Halloween Makeup

Anyone up for a little Halloween inspired Glam?

Well of course we can’t leave out those beautiful eyeshadow looks that we wear to Halloween parties.  These artists slayed these looks and I  would definitely wear them on candy night to this years Boo Bash!  I love everything about the colors that they chose.  Take a peek! (a-boo of course)   Artist: Jossie Romero, Makeup Junkie IG: @glambyjossie –  FB: Jossie Romero  –  TW: Glambyjossie … Continue reading Anyone up for a little Halloween inspired Glam?

Great Halloween Movie Inspired Makeup

One of my favorite categories to feature during the Halloween month is Movie’s and Film.  It’s amazing how these artists have a keen eye.  I can identify with the amount concentration and attention to detail it takes to pull off a look from just staring at it.  These artists clearly have photographic memory or something.  Take a look!   Artist: Daniella Marie   Movie: The Nun … Continue reading Great Halloween Movie Inspired Makeup

Halloween Makeup and Talented Hands

October is one of the beauty community’s favorite months.  This is THE MONTH when makeup artists and special effects artists show up and show out!  You get to witness their true skill in depth and see their ideas come alive through their art.  I will be featuring Halloween inspired makeup all month long because the world needs to see these undiscovered artists. Namaisa Hunswijk Makeup and … Continue reading Halloween Makeup and Talented Hands