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Marc jacobs Beauty eyeshadow see-quins GLam Glitter

Marc Jacobs Beauty is one of my very favorite makeup brands at this point.   After trying the Highliners and Shameless foundation it easily woke me up to why this brand is considered luxury.  When I heard about the  See-Quins my initial thought was, “Marc Jacobs wouldn’t just drop any old kind of glitter.”  I was right!

I picked up GLAM NOIR 84.   It stood out to me because the smokey gray color and how  high fashion the shade looked when I swatched it in Sephora.  It instantly screamed  “New Year’s Eve Party” to me so of course I had to have it.  It’s elegant but still daring and seems to draw you in when looking at it on the eyes.

I understand why they called these glitter pigments SEE-QUINS as well. When you put it on you’ll notice that the little  beads sit on top.  They definitely don’t look like traditional cosmetic grade glitter bits. Some will flatten out if you press it on to create a beautiful shimmer effect.  I absolutely love the finish.

 They are super glam to me and definitely capture the essence of Marc Jacobs Fashion for 2018.  There are two different editions and two different packaging finishes for them.  There is the 2018 Fall Runway Edition with more colors and the Glam Noir comes in the 2018 Holiday Edition with Gold Packaging.  You can get them for $28 a piece on the MarcJacobsBeauty website and Sephora.

Small but effective? Morphe 9N Palette & Metallic Heat Liquid shadows

I have also been enjoying a different Morphe palette, the About Last Night 9N Shadow palette.  This one is my first mini palette from Morphe so far. It is $12 and the colors in it definitely speak to Holiday looks.  I haven’t used every color in it yet but I have created a couple looks that I did got good feedback on.

For one look, I was able to use the Morphe Metallic Heat Liquid Eyeshadow in Ignite on top of it.  I didn’t like how it looked directly on top of the concealer that I used the first time but it did work on top of the eyeshadow shade Top Shelf from the Morphe 9N.  In a way it kind of defeats the purpose of wearing the liquid if you still have to put on the pressed shadow anyway.  I just laid better to me over eyeshadow and it didn’t seem to loose the original color.

Overall I think this Morpe 9N palette is bomb! I think it might wind up being a GO-TO for me for date night and going out.  The shades are deep and rich enough to create something evening inspired.  You have the option of using a couple or all of them if you choose to get a little more create.  I will more than likely be wearing this holiday season as well. 

Here’s a look that I created using five colors: Hot & Crowded, Make Out, Showtime, DJ & Bottle Service.

Both of these products are sold at Ulta Beauty.  Right now, only the Metallic Heat Liquid shadows are sold on Morphe’s website for $12.