Since I have combination skin with occasional dry patchiness, I tend to lean toward the smoother, pore filling types of primers. My skin is also sensitive to different chemicals and ingredients found in foundations. I haven’t quite figured out which ones yet but every time I didn’t use a primer in the past or forgot to put one on, I’d have a breakout. I highly recommend using some kind of skin primer before adding makeup to create a barrier between it and your skin.

There are lots of primers on the makeup market and no shortage of choice. The key is figuring out which ones you do/don’t need and which ones are most compatible with the foundation you’re wanting to wear at the time. I wrote a post some time ago explaining the differences between natural and pore filling primers. You can find that post by searching “Primer” in the left hand corner on the HOME page if you need to.

Primers not only protect your skin but some promote healthy skin as well. Some can be used as general moisturizers and can be worn by themselves on a daily bases. Natural finish primers are great for natural finish foundation so skin gives a naturally glowing and healthy skin look. Primers are known to help your foundation stay put.

Here are some of my current favorite Primers and small description of why I like each one and what foundations I use with them.

Elf Poreless Primer
Price: $6-$10 Depending on bottle size. Available at local Walmarts, Targets and Drugstores.

Slightly moisturizing and effective against natural oil in the face. Creates a smooth surface and you don’t have to use very much. General lasting power between 3-4 hours before having to completely reset your foundation. Is a cheaper way to get a great look but do NOT expect this primer to last all day without resetting.

Hard Candy Longwear 12 Hour Primer
Price: $7-$8 Depending on where you purchase from. Available online and at local Walmart locations.

Is thicker and will need to dry down. Wait 2-4 minutes after applying this primer before applying your foundation to get the best result. Is really effective and holds makeup in place well. Similar to MAC primer as far as the hold goes and will feel sticky at first.

Maybelline Facestudio Master Prime 050
Price: $8-$15 Depending on where you purchase locally. Available online and any store location selling Maybelline’s Brand.

Is a natural finish primer. Is hydrating and geared toward wearing light to medium coverage foundation. Looks great under BB and CC Creams. Can be worn alone. Has a lotion like feel and texture and gives a natural glow.

Stay tuned for more information on primers! Be sure to connect with me on Instagram: @cici_heranpark

Here is a skincare combo that those with eczema, dry skin and hyper-pigmentation should know about and consider. Lots of beauty lovers have heard of skincare essences but don’t know about the benefits. I’ll be explaining the benefits of using these particular products and touching on the antibacterial properties associated with them. The best part is that these Everyday Essence Organics products are natural and don’t contain harsh chemicals.

I have been using the Skin Therapy Platinum Cream two to three times a week for the last 4 to 6 weeks consistently. Prior to that, I had been having breakouts at least once a month for various reasons. They’d surface after touching my face a lot, switching makeup products, living in the city, diet, hormonal changes etc. No matter how much I cleaned my face or with what, I’d still have a pesky breakout.

After trying the Shilajit Anti-Aging Vitamin Mist I knew that this had to be the reason that I hadn’t been having breakouts like before, currently. I would have the minimum being a bump or pimple here and there but no massive gathering in any one are that I had to concentrate on. I think the best way to use these products is directly after cleansing like I have since late October. I like wearing it overnight so that it soaks into my skin. I’d occasionally spray my pillow as well with this essence.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver helps disinfect the skin. It is also said to help with Rosacea, Diabetes and several other skin related conditions. This cream left my skin feeling very smooth in the morning with the tied ingredient of Shilajit in it with a combination of 85 ionic vitamins and minerals together. I had success using the Skin Therapy Platinum Cream resulting in less patchiness and dryness on my eyelids and brows.


I have actually written about Shilajit before. It’s quite often associated with another name, Fulvic Acid. It’s a type of tar that can be found in different mountains and is a natural antioxidant. This is also found floating around in these two products along with other vitamins to help restore your skin to it’s best.

*Disclamer: The photos were taken at two different times. The lighting looks different in the two pictures above but have not been altered in any way. You can see where the hyper-pigmentation began to break up more around the jawline in the second photo. The skin closer to the chin and mouth areas are definitely less patchy.

I give the combination two thumbs up because of the results. I do see how effective they are especially together. I do see some reversal of the hyper-pigmentation that I have and how they help amplify your natural glow. I think they do help the overall health of your skin. The best part is that they don’t have the stinky chemical smell and aren’t harsh at all.

I encourage anyone that prefers natural skincare and has dry skin/eczema to try these products out. It could also be a great natural alternative for diabetics that cannot use traditional lotions sold in store but please consult with your doctors about the ingredients before giving it a try to be sure. You can find both of these products on Everyday Essence Oraganic’s website along with more information regarding their benefits.

You can visit the website by clicking the GREEN links in the paragraphs or visit them on Instagram: @everydayessenceorganics

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned it before but I have a type of hyperpigmentation on my face called Melasma.  It has taken me a very long time to understand what it is and why it surfaced.  At this point, I am trying to understand what it’ll take to reverse it.  This is one reason why I am so big on skin care.  My hopes of reversing this problem may help someone else who is suffering from it and didn’t know it, just like I didn’t.

Roughly ten years ago,  I got pregnant with my son and began to experience a severe hormonal imbalance. I was diagnosed with Hyper Thyroidism, Anemia because of Iron deficiency and had to be put on a High Fiber Diet eventually so that I could keep food in my system long enough for the baby keep healthy until I had him.  A week or two after my delivery, I began taking propylthiouracil and iron pills.

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Thyroid. Infographics. Vector illustration on isolated background.

My skin became extremely dry all over from my scalp, to my armpits, down to my feet.  It had gotten to the point where my skin would flake so bad that I would see the dead skin flake off on dark clothing when I got undressed. My skin became very sensitive and I had to switch my detergents and soaps to ones with no fragrances and extra ingredients. I slept fully clothed for a months straight so that the dead skin would not wind up all over the bed sheets.

It was one of the most embarrassing experiences that I had ever been through.  I even stopped shopping for clothing in store to avoid trying clothes on and transferring dead skin to other people.  I knew that my skin issue weren’t contagious and that I take baths regularly but it was just a nasty thing in my mind.  My skin was almost shell-like and felt like it was on fire some days especially during 80-90 degree weather here in Houston.

I was never given an in-depth explanation on how Propylthiouracil works, by the doctor, or what the side effects would be from taking it. Since this was a doctor, I just did what she said hoping that my skin would just get better. Although I know it was not her fault, I have suffered from dry skin, dark spots, mood swings, tiredness and sensitivity to the heat/sun for years since then.  What made it worse was that I took on a career in the transportation industry that required me to be in direct sunlight on the regular, which added insult to injury.

*This is an example of what Melasma looks like.  This is not an actual picture of me.

About 5 years ago, I got a really bad sun tan over the summer.  I had to slather on aloe vera for weeks to get some type of relief. The tan took around a year and a half to completely go away but when it did, I was left with 3-4 different colored patches and patterns on my skin. Some were darker than my original complexion and the rest were lighter. Everyone I knew asked questions about my skin change.  I just began telling people that I was part giraffe so they’d laugh because I had no clue what was going on with my skin.

At this point I remember being so fed up with the way I looked that I started researching Hyper Thyriodism, its side effects, the medications and why the skin change happened after pregnancy. I also found out that the birth control that I was on at the time, Nexplanon, could also be contributing to my hormonal imbalance. Soon after, I stopped taking the meds and let the birth control wear off.  My skin stopped being as dry and the spots started going away on their own.

About a years and a half ago, I began a journey in the beauty industry and made a pact with myself that I would research and find a way to educate others about the problem.  A lot of doctor forums that I have read claim to not know the direct cause of Melasma or “the pregnancy mask” beyond the contributions to hormonal imbalances.  I think it’s important to know that it directly linked to thyroid and liver problems.  After talking to skin specialists,  I was encouraged to try clearing it up from the inside out instead of using topical substances only.

Here are some of the products currently in regimen:

  1. Urban Rx Even Tone Support Supplements


These supplements have key ingredients L-Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Amino Acids in them.  All of these ingredients help even the skin tone.   These are available on their website, and at Target for $25.

2.  Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant


This is a rice powder based product geared toward lifting dead skin cells from the skin to help brighten at the surface.  The key ingredients here are Papin, Salycilic Acid and Rice Enzymes for $57 in the full size 2.6 oz bottle and $15 for a mini size at .45oz.  You can get many uses from the mini size if you want to try it out first.

3.  Formula 10.0.6 Get Your Glow On Skin Brightening Peel Mask


I am totally crazy about this brand!  I have been stuck on this peel mask for months now.  It continues to give me a great glow.  In combination with the other products that I mentioned above it really does the trick for giving a fresh glow feel.  It is available at some Target locations, Ulta Beauty and of course at Formula 10.0.6’s online site for $6.99.

The rest of my routine is pretty simple just a wash and moisturize and the occasional night mask.  I will be back with before and after photos with an update on results soon.