Meet the Author

Charmain Daniels, Content Creator & Beauty Writer

I hope that you’re enjoying and learning as much as I am here on Heran Park.  I was inspired to start my beauty blogger journey after finding a different way to express myself through writing and makeup. After 10+ years as a Houston Tattoo Artist I needed to reinvent my first love.  Art has always been apart of me as a person and I naturally gravitate toward trying new things.

Some say I’m all over the place while others say I’m more of a jack of all trades kind of person.  Some artists are good at one thing and then there’s me: NEVER limiting myself because I don’t want to stop growing.  I love how makeup allows you to recreate a different version of yourself at will.  I think of the beauty industry as the sister to the fashion industry only being represented on your face.

With getting into the beauty industry, I’m able to explore the art of chemical reactions to the skin. I also get to create visual productions to represent them and work with other brands and people with same goals and aspirations.  Art is the driving force behind Heran Park and I genuinely love writing and creating.

Thank you so much for becoming apart of The Commodity!