Great Halloween Movie Inspired Makeup

One of my favorite categories to feature during the Halloween month is Movie’s and Film.  It’s amazing how these artists have a keen eye.  I can identify with the amount concentration and attention to detail it takes to pull off a look from just staring at it.  These artists clearly have photographic memory or something.  Take a look!


Artist: Daniella Marie   Movie: The Nun (2018)

IG: @beautybyriz86    –      FB: Daniella Marie




Artist: Danyeil Durrant     Movie:  Beetlejuice (1988 and several remakes)

IG:  beautybydanyeil   – FB: Danyell Durrant




Artist: Rachael Hendrick   Movie: Sinister (2012)

IG; @midnightrain7  –  FB: Rachael Hendrick




Artist: Kaylee Rose Barker   Movie: Alice in Wonderland (Cheshire Cat)

IG: @rosexbeautyco   –    FB: Kaylee Rose Barker




Crazy right? Make sure you go follow these ladies by clicking the GREEN link.  These artists talent speaks for itself.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s category.  Heran Park is still taking submissions.


Our Favorite Traditional Halloween looks with a Twist…

Today I give you those go-to Halloween looks that will never die!  These are looks that we see variations of and change from face to face every year. These artists nailed these Traditional Halloween looks.  Check them out!


Kiara Talbert Makeup Artist

IG: @kiagrams – FB: Kiara Talbert


Kaylee Rose Barker Makeup Enthusiast and Beauty Blogger

IG: @rosexbeautyco – FB: Kaylee Rose Barker


Danyeil Durrant Makeup Enthusiast

IG: @beautybydanyeil – FB: Danyeil Durrant


Marshay Metoyer Makeup Artist

IG: @marshayscosmetics – FB: Marshay Metoyer – YT: Marshays Cosmetics




Karina Kent Makeup Enthusiast

IG: @muakarinak – FB: Karina Kent


These artists are great at what they do and strive to perfect their skill weekly.  Make sure you follow them on Instagram by clicking the GREEN link.  They are now officially apart of THE HERAN PARK BEAUTY COMMODITY!