Huda Beauty or ColourPop Reds & Blues?

I was staring at my collection and thought to myself, “Whoaaaa! That’s an interesting comparison!” I noticed that I had two sets of Red & Blue themed eyeshadow palettes. I’ve tried all four and found that the range is different for both colors with both brands. It’s always interesting to see how each brand separates their version of a product idea from the next brands … Continue reading Huda Beauty or ColourPop Reds & Blues?

Blue Moon Palette from ColourPop

Blue Moon is one of the very many Blue (only) eyeshadow palettes that was released this year. I really feel like it could rival the rest. With palettes out like Blue Blood, Icy Betch, etc you have to wander which is worth the price. This one is the cheapest from what I’ve seen so far and I don’t mind the smaller quantity. After trying so … Continue reading Blue Moon Palette from ColourPop

Makeup: Winter Blues

Some of my favorite looks to see during the Winter season are the blue ones. I am always reminded of my favorite childhood stories, cold weather and of course, the snow. We rarely get snow here in Houston but I always get a chance to see icy blue makeup looks that are mind blowing. With the help of a fellow artist I wanted to show … Continue reading Makeup: Winter Blues