The Nomad adds to Fall Fabulousness!

Okaaaaay! So greens are definitely “A THING” for me during Autumn. All summer long we’ve been digging in the Tribe palette from Juvia’s Place so the Nomad was refreshing. Nomad is softer and much more neutral. All JP fans weren’t thrilled about this release but I was! I found these colors extremely easy to work with and the packaging was beautiful as usual. The only … Continue reading The Nomad adds to Fall Fabulousness!

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Gingerbread Slays on the Way!

This is my favorite time of year to rock all those Fall colors and sultry looks that I’ve been waiting to blast all year. I look forward to seeing the Fall and Winter releases from certain brands, especially Too Faced Cosmetics. Not only do they have amazing products, they also have the cutest ideas for their line and some of the prettiest packaging I’ve seen. … Continue reading Gingerbread Slays on the Way!