If you hadn’t seen it by now, I have a mini review and short demonstration on YouTube using African Pride’s Moisture Miracle Products and Kim Kimble Beauty Hybrid Quick Dryer.  I am so happy to bring you this review and tell you about these products here on the blog.  I’ll start with the hair products first and then jump into the hair dryer.

African Pride’s Moisture Miracle

I was able to get three products from my local beauty supply at $5-$6 a piece.  The Shampoo and Conditioner were sold out at the time so I wasn’t able to grab those but I plan on getting them some time soon.  There are eight products in this line altogether.  Each one of them are Moisturizing products have NO Parabens, Sulfates, Petrolatham or Mineral Oil.

Moisture Miracle line:

  • Aloe Vera & Coconut Water Detangle & Condition Pre-Shampoo
  • Honey & Coconut Oil Nourish & Shine Shampoo
  • Morrocan Clay & Shea Butter Heat Activated Mask
  • Coconut Milk & Honey Leave In-Conditioner
  • Coconut Oil & Baobab Oil Leave In-Cream
  • Honey, Chocolate & Coconut Oil Conditioner
  • 5 Essential Oils
  • Shea Butter & Flaxseed Oil Curling Cream

I was able to get the Leave-In Cream, the Pre-Shampoo and 5 Essensial Oils.  Please don’t be confused!  The Leave-In Cream and the Leave In Conditioner are NOT the same.  The Leave-In Conditioner comes in a liquid spray form while the cream is just that.

The product that I was most impressed by was the Pre-Shampoo!  As I said in the mini-review, this will definitley will be a repurchase for me.  It’s a pre-cleanser that helps with detangling.  The instructions say to leave it on for 15-30mins but I only left it on for 10-15mins at a time and it still worked like a charm.  It lifted the majority of the gel I had in the front of head and made it super easy to detangle before washing.

I really have enjoyed all three for the last two weeks that I have been using them.  I wish I had the whole line so I could give a complete review on how the products work together. I do plan on trying more of them soon.  I would recommend these to anyone looking to deep condition their hair on the regular or who is looking to transition back to natural and need extra help the health of their hair.

Please visit YouTube to view the Demonstration here!

You would think that with the increase of hair vendors over the last 3 years that it would be easier to find an honest quality, customer care oriented hair company, right? We all know how easy it is these days to get jipped out of our money by hair companies that promise us quality hair and over sell a product that just doesn’t stand up!  The number of highly disappointed customer reviews has risen enormously regarding online hair sales. I have been searching for a reliable, responsible Hair Hero myself and found NineteenEighty-Nine!

I recently ran across a hair brand that actually wants reviews and prides themselves on making sure that the customers are satisfied with their purchase. They want to know how the hair makes you feel which is most important when it comes to beauty. After doing a little research, Nineteen Eighty-Nine has luxury 100% Human Grade unprocessed Hair from several origins across the world. After speaking to the owner and watching their customer reviews, I’m convinced that this brand is big on honesty and customer service.

img_0430NineteenEighty-Nine has a variety of hair to choose from! There is Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian and Peruvian hair available.  Most of NineteenEighty-Nine’s current bundle options come with either one closure or frontal piece for the price but you can purchase one separately.  They also offer color and length variety.

You can get it straight, wavy or curly. NineteenEighty-Nine also customizes hair upon request and can get you what you need even if it is not advertised on their site at the time.  If you are not satified with your selection, which I highly doubt, they offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Check out what the owner had to say during her interview with me about her brand:

From a stylists’ perspective, what do you think keeps a hair brand as their #1 “Go-To” recommendation to clients?
Nita- Reliability, affordability and customer service. The hair has to be available when the client needs it. It won’t work if shipping takes a month. The client has to be able to afford the hair and the quality has to match. Clients deserve good service. They are investing in our business dream and we owe them to respectfully answer their questions at all times. 
Customer wise, which selection of hair sells the most and why do think that is?
Nita- Indian hair is our top seller. Indian hair is also one of the thicker hair textures and it is easier to blend with coarser hair.
Why is it important for vendors to be honest about the making of the hair they offer?
If the hair is bad, it always has a way of getting back to the client. It is better to be upfront and honest. Far too often clients complain to a company and I see owners ignoring them. This doesn’t fix the issue of the product being bad. We are different because we face the problem. We aren’t going to run off and block people (on social media). In order to have a successful business, it can not be built on lies. Lying about the origin of any product will have negative results. Lying is bad in any situation.


  • Top right Brazilian Loose Wave, Bottom Left Malaysian Loose Wave with Closure, Bottom Right Malaysian Deep Wave

Go check out NineteenEighty-Nine.net‘s website now! Follow them on Social Media too! To check out some of their customer reviews on YouTube as well, click on the blue links in this paragraph. If you purchase from NineteenEighty-Nine please submit a review. We’d love to support you and hear your thoughts!  This is a company that we believe in at Heran Park Beauty Commodity.