My first Prom (As a Freelance Makeup Artist)

I got a phone call from my Step Mother saying that she had an emergency situation. My younger brother was headed to prom and his date’s makeup artist canceled on her at the very last minute. Neisa was upset and her mother couldn’t find another artist on such short notice. I wasn’t expecting it to happen this way and of course I’m sure they didn’t … Continue reading My first Prom (As a Freelance Makeup Artist)

Current Favorite Affordable Primers

Since I have combination skin with occasional dry patchiness, I tend to lean toward the smoother, pore filling types of primers. My skin is also sensitive to different chemicals and ingredients found in foundations. I haven’t quite figured out which ones yet but every time I didn’t use a primer in the past or forgot to put one on, I’d have a breakout. I highly … Continue reading Current Favorite Affordable Primers