Huda Beauty’s Precious Stone Obsessions Palette Review

These palettes certainly blew me away with their representation of gemstones. Beyond the packaging and the arrangement of colors, I have to say that I am impressed by the pigmentation.  I also have quite a  few other products from Huda Beauty but compared to other palettes these pigments stand out to me.  They are definitely more smooth and blend-able than the big sister palette Desert Dusk. 

The matte shadows seem more buttery for sure. There are shimmers and foily glitter shades as well.  I think they’re fairly priced at $27 for 9 shades compared to the big sister palettes from Huda Kattan’s line at $65 with 18 color options.  The shades make it easy to wear one and two color looks or create something more dramatic.  I love the versatility that comes with them individually and what I am able to achieve when using them together.

I can appreciate that Huda decided to break them up as jewel inspired palettes instead of combining them into one.  People like myself look to incorporate certain colors but don’t always want to  purchase a big palette just for a few shades that we’re missing and need. However, I would love to be able see Huda create a palette with several of these super rich pigments curated together at some point.

I really think Huda nailed it with these!  They’re also compact size and fit directly into my purse and makeup bag with no problem. You can order these from Huda Beauty online or try it before you buy it at your local Sephora.  Click the green link and it will take you directly to Huda’s website.

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