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What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are GOOD live bacteria that can be taken from fermented foods/drinks and yogurts to promote your overall health.  They are microorganisms geared toward helping your immune and digestive system directly.  I started taking probiotics over a year ago to help with regulation and digestive issues.  One difference that I noticed after a month was that I was way less gasous and seemed to maintain my weight while taking them.

Let’s not confuse Probiotics with Preboitics

Prebiotics fermintate once they reach your gut while Probiotics have already been through the fermentation process before you ingest them.  Some forms of Prebiotics are foods like onion, the skin of an apple and  garlic.  They are naturally built to fermintate in while in the body and turn into good bacteria upon entering the stomach. It is considered the long version but natural way of processing foods but most people don’t eat raw onion and garlic so the opt for Probiotics instead.

I been taking a new (to me) brand of Probiotics for the last month is brand called Daily Body Restore. I have been taking 2 a day. The instructions do say to take 2-3 capsules only at different times throughout the day but 2 works for me. I was taking a different brand of probiotics before these and was kind of curious to see if my balance would be disrupted. The Daily Body Restore made no disturbances to my balance when it comes to digestion. I also get sick around the holidays every year but only had minor sniffles to a runny nose.

I’m really only used to seeing 1-3 different kinds of Lactobacillus in my Probiotics but this brand has a total of 6 along with 3 kinds of Bifidobacterium. Altogether, 9 kinds of Probitics totalling 13 billion CFU (colony forming units) per pill. I think that they work very well for regulation. To learn more about good bacteria and probiotics in the body watch this video: 13 Billion Good Bacteria

You can find out more about Daily Body Restore by clicking on their name in GREEN and connecting with them on YouTube through the video link above.

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Since I have combination skin with occasional dry patchiness, I tend to lean toward the smoother, pore filling types of primers. My skin is also sensitive to different chemicals and ingredients found in foundations. I haven’t quite figured out which ones yet but every time I didn’t use a primer in the past or forgot to put one on, I’d have a breakout. I highly recommend using some kind of skin primer before adding makeup to create a barrier between it and your skin.

There are lots of primers on the makeup market and no shortage of choice. The key is figuring out which ones you do/don’t need and which ones are most compatible with the foundation you’re wanting to wear at the time. I wrote a post some time ago explaining the differences between natural and pore filling primers. You can find that post by searching “Primer” in the left hand corner on the HOME page if you need to.

Primers not only protect your skin but some promote healthy skin as well. Some can be used as general moisturizers and can be worn by themselves on a daily bases. Natural finish primers are great for natural finish foundation so skin gives a naturally glowing and healthy skin look. Primers are known to help your foundation stay put.

Here are some of my current favorite Primers and small description of why I like each one and what foundations I use with them.

Elf Poreless Primer
Price: $6-$10 Depending on bottle size. Available at local Walmarts, Targets and Drugstores.

Slightly moisturizing and effective against natural oil in the face. Creates a smooth surface and you don’t have to use very much. General lasting power between 3-4 hours before having to completely reset your foundation. Is a cheaper way to get a great look but do NOT expect this primer to last all day without resetting.

Hard Candy Longwear 12 Hour Primer
Price: $7-$8 Depending on where you purchase from. Available online and at local Walmart locations.

Is thicker and will need to dry down. Wait 2-4 minutes after applying this primer before applying your foundation to get the best result. Is really effective and holds makeup in place well. Similar to MAC primer as far as the hold goes and will feel sticky at first.

Maybelline Facestudio Master Prime 050
Price: $8-$15 Depending on where you purchase locally. Available online and any store location selling Maybelline’s Brand.

Is a natural finish primer. Is hydrating and geared toward wearing light to medium coverage foundation. Looks great under BB and CC Creams. Can be worn alone. Has a lotion like feel and texture and gives a natural glow.

Stay tuned for more information on primers! Be sure to connect with me on Instagram: @cici_heranpark

Some of my favorite looks to see during the Winter season are the blue ones. I am always reminded of my favorite childhood stories, cold weather and of course, the snow. We rarely get snow here in Houston but I always get a chance to see icy blue makeup looks that are mind blowing. With the help of a fellow artist I wanted to show you some inspiration for the Winter Blue shades.

Here are three blue makeup looks you can rock this Winter!

Artist: Dolly Roman

  • Eyes: Profusion Shimmers Palette, BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes, Morphe 35B & SexyLipz Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow in Indian Blue.
  • Lip: Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil in Reverb

IG: @dollyroman_

Artist: Charmain Daniels

  • Eyes: Too Faced Cosmetics Diamond Light, (Pretty Rich) Palette
  • Lip: Marc Jacobs Beauty Cream & Sugar Gloss
  • Eyes: Dose of Colors – FRIENDCATION Palette DesixKaty
  • Lip: NYX Lip Lingerie Matte

Here’s a direct link to my latest YouTube Tutorial on this look. Click HERE!