Favorite Setting Powders

What makes a great setting powder?

Of course, all of this is my personal opinion and preference from personal experiences but lets get into it. One of the most important things I look for is how finely milled a setting powder is. The finer the powder, the easier it will melt into your foundation and concealer. I look for how long it takes for me to have to reset my face and which colors look best on my skin tone without causing major flashback.

These are my current Top 3 Favorites Setting Powders
Why do you need to set your makeup in the first place?

What’s the point of putting on any amount of makeup if it just slides right back off? Setting powders help your makeup stay in place. A lot of setting powders cover deep lines in the face and give off a soft airbrushed look. Here’s a clip of the Maybelline Master Fix in action.

Do High End Setting Powders work better?

Yes and No. I say both because there are different benefits on both ends. Again, choosing a setting powder is all about your specific needs. I prefer a great translucent while others prefer pinks, yellows and browns. No matter what brand you try, if you try high and affordable brand powders it will all come down to the look you want and how long it lasts.

Here are a few that I suggest to anyone that I come across:

  • Maybelline Master Fix, $5-$7
  • Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder, $24
  • Too Faced Peach Perfect Setting Powder, $15-$33
  • Dermablend Loose Setting Powder, $29
  • Kat Von D Lock it Setting Powder, $31

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