Huda Beauty or ColourPop Reds & Blues?

I was staring at my collection and thought to myself, “Whoaaaa! That’s an interesting comparison!” I noticed that I had two sets of Red & Blue themed eyeshadow palettes. I’ve tried all four and found that the range is different for both colors with both brands. It’s always interesting to see how each brand separates their version of a product idea from the next brands version.

As you can see, the Huda Sapphire Obsessions and the ColourPop Blue Moon have a significant difference. The Blue Moon has a true all blue range while Sapphire has mixed greenish blue or turquoise shades included. Sapphire also features one lime green shade that stands out making this palette look more daring. Blue Moon gives an icy blue range including different lighter, medium and darker shades of blue.

For reds, the Main Squeeze stayed true to the red range with medium peachy reds, a rose gold and deep brick reds. While it is rare to see all these reds in one palette, I feel like it should have had at least one more medium or darker shade because each look that I’ve tried comes out a little more pink. The Ruby Obsessions has more of a deeper feel with purple tones that allow you to have a little more eyeshadow depth and screams “Evening Look!” I can definitely see myself using both in a look because what one has the other doesn’t.

The Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes are $27 a piece while ColourPop’s color versions are just under half the price at $12. I think both versions are worth the money for the quality but it will depend on which version you’re interested in wearing. Huda’s versions have more of a shimmery foil texture but the matte shades aren’t as pigmented at first swatch yet buildable. ColourPop’s versions of the mattes are more pigmented but the shimmers don’t have that high shine that eyeshadow foils give off.

There are slight differences in these palettes but I love them all for their unique reasons. I feel like you can still accomplish similar looks with them individually. They all come from two great brands with quality products. Here are a few looks that created using them for you to compare! Which would you buy and why?

*Please note that the Main Squeeze (Pic) Lid color was topped with a loose pigment from a different brand.

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